Does Homeopathy Work? This is an awesome question but a very generalist question. The answer it in an easy way, YES, it works and it has worked for the last 200 years and will work for next many more years, in spite of so-called superbug and difficult to cure illnesses.

Does Homeopathy Work?

The answer to does homeopathy work cannot be so easy though. The commercialization has crept in the Homeopathic field also. The Homeopathy treatment has to be customized for each individual and there cannot be one medicine for all for the same medicines. But some corporates have standardized this for their own gains and also to satisfy the inherent demand for homeopathy over-the-counter medications for people to buy without going through a qualified homeopathy doctor.

The outcome of these medications is worse than regular medications which you get from a Homeopathy doctor. Also the treatment outcome and will Homeopathy work will also depend on the stage of illness and Homeopathy not be best in every stage of every illness. Your consultant at Welling Clinics can help you with that.

So next question arises ‘ How does the Homeopathy work?”

This is yet another awesome question, but which has no answer as yet. There are various theories and hypothesis, but no theory has been conclusive and confirmed. So theories are difficult to understand for even a qualified Homeopathy doctor. Just by a simple search on “How does the Homeopathy work?” you will get answers from water memory, nanoparticles to enzyme and dynamic theories.

Does Homeopathy Work In Your Illness?

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